Dude Wines | Holy Grail Shiraz Cabernet | 2018

Region Margaret River, WA
Tastes Like Blueberries & Plums
Reminds Us Of Winning Premierships

2018 was a pretty big year.

Mast n Skuzz played in a sports game late in September, they and 20 of their mates got to raise a cup afterwards. It was sick.

So anyway, Mast and his mate/boss/business partner Scott Spalding thought about making a wine to remember it. One we could dish out to the boys and drink once a year for the next forever.

We were gonna hog it all and not release ANY, but we changed our minds, thought we'd share the love a little.
Chippy, our mate in the Barossa Valley - Tom Foolery maker by day, Dude Wines by night - hand crafted this old school claret to the exact specs we wanted... we gave him a broad scope to work under.... Chippy, this wine must be fkn yum. 

Shock..... he nailed it.

Not to be drunk alone. More of a get the squad around and all have a sip from the cup type wine.

Play your role - Do your job - Taste the Holy Grail

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