Hugh Hamilton | Agent Provocateur Red Blend | 2019

Region McLaren Vale, SA
Tastes Like Everything
Reminds Us Of The Black Sheep Sibling of the Family

Not your usual.

Made off the grid in an unconventional style that is all about varietals in quirky combos.

Usually we don't need to go into too much detail on taste as our wines are elite - but get a hold of these tasting notes - makes you want some.

"An enormous, over the top lift of raspberry, musk, roses and denim. The palate is a cherry stone sucking, raspberry seed crunching, watermelon seed spitting hayride of punchy sweet fruit. Notes of sweet tobacco and the caramel of crusty fresh bread."

Grenache (red), Frontignac (white), Gewurtzraminer (white) go into the blend here. I know a couple of those words look hard to pronounce but you don’t have to say them just click the button.


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